Our story

In the beginning...


Marina was born in Zhytomyr (Ukraine), spent her childhood years in Lipetsk (Russia) and at the age of 15 she moved to Israel. After high school, Marina volunteered in national service, where she was an assistant in a school for autistic children. Marina graduated from Ben-Gurion University with a master's degree in materials engineering and worked in Intel. She then decided to continue her education for a doctorate in the field of renewable energy sources in London. Why not?


Vlad was born and raised in Riga (Latvia), where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physics from Latvian State University. Then Vlad moved to Munich (Germany) for a master's degree in Applied Physics at the Technical University of Munich. In parallel, he worked for General Electric. In July 2011 Vlad came to interview at Imperial College London. First, who he saw during the tour in the laboratory was Marina... The job offer has been accepted!

And the story goes on...

So our friendship began in the research group at Imperial College London, where we conducted experimental work in the field of fuel cells as a part of our PhD. Oh yeah, that was a good time! Lab work, conferences adventures, mutual friends - all these allowed us to spend a lot of time together and get familiar with both good and bad traits of each other. So we became best friends! Nevertheless, our friendship turned into a romance only after one and a half years. Vlad, with his northern temperament, was not planning to give up! ;)

Vlad became a doctor of only 3 days before the Marina. To celebrate our graduation we decided to travel to Sri Lanka. There Vlad planned to set things clear and made Marina a proposal she could not refuse. After all she didn’t have much choice in the middle of tropical jungle!

Our wedding

It was not easy to decide on the venue for our wedding. We wished to get married in a place overlooking sea surrounded by our dear family and the closest friends. The idea to combine the Birthday of our family and the sea vacation for our guests appealed to us! So we finally decided to celebrate our Big Day in sunny Larnaca, Cyprus, 15 September 2015.